Dialogue  April-June, 2012, Volume 13 No. 4


        Editorial Perspective
           Indian Scholarship in Humanities and Social Sciences
1.   North-East Scan
           Mercy Plea for Aliens - D. N. Bezboruah
           Health care in shambles - Patricia Mukhim
           Manipur Congress’ Dilemma - Pradip Phanjoubam
2.   Sanskrit as the transcreative dimension of the languages and thought systems of Europe and Asia - Lokesh Chandra
3.   The Ownership of the Ancient Indian Past - Dilip K Chakrabarti
4.   Post-Colonial Indian Scholarship in Humanities and Social Sciences: Some Reflections - Kapil Kapoor
5.   Political Science in India: A View from the Ground - Ramashray Roy
6.   Post-Independence Scholarship in Economics and Finance - P. Kanagasabapathi
7.   The Problem of Indian History - Michel Danino
8.   The Postcolonial Paradox: A Gandhian Critique of Contemporary Indian Literature in English - Sudhir Kumar
9.   Indian Philosophy in Post-Independence Era - S.P. Dubey
10. Indian Identity and Cultural Continuity - S.R. Bhatt
11. V.S. Agrawal: Scholar - Devendra Swarup
12. Western Categories and their Limitations - Pawan K. Gupta
13. Mega Dams, Environment and History in North-East India - Meeta Deka

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                                               Astha Bharati