Dialogue  January-March, 2011, Volume 12 No. 3




1. Editorial Perspective                                                                                    

           North-East India: Multiple maladies 

2. North-East Scan                                                                                          

           Devalued assets of ministers

          It is raining free laptops in Assam - Dhirendra Nath Bezboruah

           Ethnicity and Self determination - Patricia Mary Mukhim

           Set Back for Congress in Manipur - Pradip Phanjoubam

3. Infiltration of Bangladesh nationals into India - Harekrishna Deka

4. Religious Demography of the Northeastern States of India: Trends to look for in the Census 2011 - J.K. Bajaj

5. Corruption in Governance - Dhirendra Nath Bezboruah 

6. The Fight Against Corruption - H.N. Das
7. Governance and Civil Society - R.S. Pandey 

8. Rural Poverty, SHGs and Micro Credit - Toki  Blah 

9. Deosri – Dilemma of the Internally Displaced People - Sunil Kaul 

10. Some Governance Issues in the NGO sector - Amiya Sharma

11. We, the People – Government, Governance and Social Reconstruction - Sujatha Nayak 

12. Colonial Legacy and Environmental Crisis in  Northeast Region - A C Sinha  

13. Civil Society's role in promotion of inter-community relations in the Eastern and

      North-eastern regions of India - Bimal Pramanik   

14. Feudalism in Pre-Colonial Manipur - Gangmumei Kamei 

15. Bhutanese Women: A Socio-Economic Study - Madhu Rajput 

16. Book-Review        

      The China Syndrome - Sanjoy Bagchi 

17. Book-Review                                                                                            

      “Economic Diplomacy of India in Terms of Transformation of the World Order” - Reviewer Surat M.



      Vaada-Anuvaada-Samvaada: Translation as an Inter/Intra Cultural Action in the Indian Contexts - Sudhir   


 19.Astha Bharati News  


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